• 5 O’Clock Shadow – 09 April 2007


    5 O'Clock Shadow - 09 April 2007If this works, I may love Flickr forever. After uploading today’s 5 o’clock shadow picture, I noticed the “Blog This” button above the image (yeah, I’m not always this quick on the uptake). I clicked it, configured my blog settings and preferences (there’s a direct hook into the WordPress API, sweet!) and here I am, writing a post directly from Flickr. I imagine I’ll have to go into WordPress to tweak the tags and possibly the category (honestly, I’m all but ignoring categories in favor of tags these days, which is probably not the best practice).

    I was using the Flickr Photo Album plugin to import photos into blog posts, but I deactivated the plugin when I discovered it was rewriting my tag links to point to non-existent Flickr photo albums. Perhaps that’s the preferred method for those whose WordPress blog is a photo album in disguise, but I put those tags there for a reason and not every post is a photo post, so I want the tags to link to a list of related posts.

    At any rate, today’s five o’clock shadow is brought to you by Flickr’s integrated blogging function and by Miscellaneous G™, who bought me a fez once upon a yesterday.

  • Photostuff: Flickr


    5 O'Clock Shadow - 06 April 2007I decided to give Flickr a shot, so I signed up for an account and uploaded all of my five o’clock shadow pictures. I also installed the Flickr Photo Gallery plugin from Silas Partners. The plugin includes a version of Lightbox, which makes me a little nervous as I’ve gotten to like Slightbox over the past couple of months. I’ll have to poke into the code and see if there’s any way to make the photo gallery work with Slightbox.

    [Edited to include a more friendly URL for my Flickr album.]