GameBoy Advance

  • Gamestuff: The Gentleman’s Wager


    Perhaps one of the truly annoying things about Miscellaneous G™ is that he writes things down. During lunch, we’ll be having a conversation about video games and how I rarely seem to finish them, and I’ll say something like, “I’ll bet I can finish at least two games in the next year.” The conversation will continue and eventually I’ll forget that my mouth has written a check that my skillz may or may not be able to cash.

    Then, four months later we’ll be having another conversation about video games and I’ll be reminded that I’ve got less than eight months to finish Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption and Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast. When we return from lunch, Miscellaneous G™ will produce a Post-It Note date 16 August 2006 indicating our “gentleman’s wager”.

    And so, honor is at stake. I shall have to install both games on my computer again, and hopefully I’ll be able to locate my Vampire save games. Alas, I fear that whatever progress I made in Jedi Outcast is gone forever, so I’ll have to start that one anew.

    Now I’m wishing I hadn’t spent thirteen hours over the past four days playing Final Fantasy I on my Game Boy Advance SP.