• Non Sequitur: Catching Up


    Despite the lack of activity on the web site, it’s been a busy December.

    The important stuff:

    • My father-in-law was laid to rest on Wednesday the 13th at the Kirtland South Cemetery. This cemetery is the resting place of a number of his relatives and contains a very nice Sperry family monument. Coincidentally, my father-in-law’s grave site is next to one of his old friends who was killed in Vietnam when he was just twenty years old.
    • At some point in the past two weeks, the sump pumps in my mother-in-law’s crawlspace failed and the crawlspace flooded. Among the items stored in the crawlspace were all of her Christmas decorations. Fortunately, the family came to the rescue. My brother-in-law, JayHe’s my sister-in-law’s husband. Does that make him my brother-in-law? I don’t know, but that’s what I call him., provided a real live Christmas tree and Laura and I brought all of our Christmas decorations (we hadn’t planned to put them up this year). We spent the day yesterday decorating the tree and eating leftover KFC biscuits.

    The other stuff:

    • The Round Table has been put on hiatus through January. I suspect we’ll be recording some stuff for International World Creation Month in January, but we won’t be doing a full-fledged round table discussion until February.
    • Speaking of International World Creation Month, I’ll be collaborating with game designer and fellow podcaster Sam Chupp on the world of Yesterday’s Tomorrow in January. We’re using Google Docs for our collaboration tool and Sam has already outlined some very cool stuff.
    • On December 1st, Chris Miller and I put together an audio trailer for J.C. Hutchins’ 7th Son trilogy. Interested parties can listen to it here. Note: Contains some mild language.
    • Speaking of audio shenanigans, Chris, Julia and I also recently did a promo for Leann Mabry’s excellent podcast, Tag in the Seam. Listen to it here. This one doesn’t contain objectionable language (though I suppose that’s entirely subjective), but I think I was channeling the Brawny Man when we were recording.
    • I’ve received a few early Christmas gifts, including a Sudoku Cube, the first and second seasons of The Family Guy on DVD, Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the Xbox and a book containing 365 recipes for soup and stew.
  • Podcast: The Round Table, Season 3, Episode 1


    The Round Table

    The new season of The Round Table podcast focuses on building worlds for fiction and role-playing games. The season will consist of a series of discussions with authors, world creators and gaming enthusiasts, all leading up to International World Creation Month (IntWoCreMo for short) in January 2007.

    Episode one is an introduction to the new season; Mick and Chris comment on their experiences at GenCon, we respond to listener feedback (including some discussion about Snakes on a Plane), outline our plans for the podcast in the upcoming months, and then dive right into a discussion about different approaches to world creation with guest co-host Julia.

    If you haven’t listened to The Round Table in the past, this episode is an excellent opportunity to start, as it represents a reboot of sorts; an opportunity to take the show in an exciting new direction while still keeping the mythic themes that are the heart of the Harping Monkey.

    Download Season 3, Episode 1.
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