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BrightKite: The friendliest of friends.

I received an invitation to BrightKite this morning, a service that—by most accounts—seems to be Twitter with location tracking. ((And some sort of photo feature, from the looks of it.)) Why would I want the entire Internets to know where I am when I post my inane, 140-character updates? ((Why would people want to read my inane, 140-character updates? Because I bring the funny. We’ve been over this.)) I haven’t figured that out, yet. What I do know is that I have an irrational desire to create accounts and set up my profile on every newfangled, whizbang Web 2.0 “service” that comes down a series of tubes, regardless of whether I’ll actually get any real use out of it.

So here is BrightKite. Will it become the next Twitter, or will it become a Jaiku (which I use occasionally) or a Pownce (which I don’t use at all)? Time will tell, but BrightKite has one feature that none of the others do: love.

Almost immediately upon signing in to BrightKite, I noticed I had a friend request from Chris Miller. “Good ol’ Chris Miller!” thought I, and immediately accepted his request and designated him a “trusted friend”. ((Am I naïve and foolhardy to place this kind of trust in another man? Perhaps, but if trusting Chris is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!)) I’m sure that means something extra special, like giving him access to my library records or making him executor of my will…whatever—I’ll get around to the particulars later. The important thing is that it puts a little heart next to his name.

Codeshaman on BrightKite: Best Friends Forever!

Awww, isn’t that sweet?

Thanks, BrightKite. Thanks for bringing the love back to the Internets.