Misfit Brew

  • Podcast: Misfit Brew Episode 15


    Imagine for a second that you are Ray “Bones” Barboni; there’s a knock at the door, you open it, and Chili Palmer’s fist connects with your nose. That’s pretty much how it went down last week: the Internet was just sitting at home, probably enjoying a cigar, when there was a knock at the door; only it wasn’t Chili Palmer at the door, it was episode fifteen of Misfit Brew.

    The new brew is big. For this episode, Mick Bradley set aside the standard 24-oz. stein in favor of a super-sized, 48-oz. monster mug filled to the brim with geeky goodness. Apart from Mick’s Misfit Musings, there’s an essay on writer’s block by Indiana Jim from the As-Yet-Untitled Podcast, Unquiet Desperado Chris Miller and Dragon’s Landing co-host Lonnie Ezell discuss Lonnie’s new book, Daughter of the Sun, Fledgling Misfit Rae Lamond returns with an essay on blogging, Mick presents his Flavor and Style Manifesto for the Vegas After Midnight tabletop and play-by-post roleplaying game, and David Moore of the After Serenity podcast presents audio fiction featuring Slick Vic, his character in the VAM play-by-post campaign.

    Bam! The Internet is laid out with a bloody nose, but the important thing is that Chili’s got his jacket back and he’s the guy telling you how it’s going to be: you’re going to download episode fifteen of Misfit Brew, or better yet, add the feed to your favorite podcatcher so you don’t miss out on future episodes.

  • Podcast: Misfit Brew Episode 11


    Misfit Brew episode 11 has been posted, and you should listen to it. First, thriving misfit and Unquiet Desperado Chris Miller continues his examination of the archetypes with The High Priestess, about whom no one in their right mind makes “your momma” jokes. Then, fledgling misfit Rae Lamond continues her exploration into the culture by taking geeks where they rarely go: outside. Finally, there’s an essay by yours truly. Master misfit Mick Bradley asked me to submit an essay, so I reworked “The Lobot Thing” for audio. Mick either liked it or was just desperate enough to use it. Either way, it’s in there.

    Go to the site and download the episode, or add the feed to your podcatcher. Don’t have a podcatcher? Try one of these:

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  • Podcast: Misfit Brew Episode 9


    Head on over and download the latest draught of Misfit Brew, featuring essays by game designer Sam Chupp, unquiet desperado Chris Miller, master misfit Mick Bradley and a song from musical misfit Rae Lamond.

    What is Misfit Brew? Well, in Mick’s words, it’s “[a] podcast from a misfit, distilled in the basement of the House of the Harping Monkey…” It’s a stout, hearty, geeky concoction with no bitter aftertaste. In episode nine, Mick rants about dysfunctional gaming, Chris wishes he could get his game on, Sam extolls the virtues of the misfit, and Rae brings “a magic far beyond all we do here.”

    Oh, and if you have to ask, this is John Wick.