• Pseudopod 233: Association


    I’ve been so busy not updating my blog that I completely neglected to mention another short story I narrated for Pseudopod, the Sound of Horror. This one is “Association,” a zombie tale by Eddie Borey. Before you rush over to listen, I would remind you that Pseudopod is intended for mature audiences and that dead things rot. A lot.

    A complete list of the horrific tales I’ve narrated for Pseudopod is presented (in reverse chronological order) below.

    • “Association” by Eddie Borey (Episode 233)
    • “Is This a Horror Story?” by Scott Edelman (Episode 206)
    • “Wearing the Dead” by Alan Smale (Episode 190)
    • “The Sultan of Meat” by James B. Pepe (Episode 170)
    • “Orifice” by John F. D. Taff (Episode 147)
    • “The Duel” by James Michael MacFarland (Episode 135)
    • “In the Coils of the Serpent” by William Meikle (Episode 109)
    • “Among the Moabites” by Michael Hartford (Episode 98)
    • “Blood, Gridlock and PEZ” by Kevin Anderson (Episode 73)
    • “The Heart of Tu’a Halaita” by Tara Kolden (Episode 60)
    • “Hell’s Daycare” by D. Richard Pearce (Episode 38)


  • Pseudopod: the sound of horror

    Episode 135 of Pseudopod features “The Duel“, by Michael James McFarland, a tale of fraternity, brotherhood, time-honored tradition, upper-class twits and firearms. I think we’ve probably all had a friend who was mad at us, seemingly for no reason at all. Be glad they didn’t take the Burr/Hamilton tack when resolving whatever wrong we may have inadvertently done them.

  • Pseudopod: the sound of horror

    Right after the Great Christmas Vacation of 2007, I narrated another story for the horror podcast, Pseudopod. The story, which appeared on the site this morning as Episode 73 of the podcast, is Blood, Gridlock and PEZ by Kevin Anderson. Of the three stories I’ve read for Pseudopod thus far I think this one may be my favorite, though I did like Tara Kolden‘s The Heart of Tu’a Halaita quite a lot.