• Podcast Stuff: The 2007 Parsec Awards


    I can only assume that some clerical error has led to The NanoMonkeys being one of the finalists for the 2007 “Best Writing-related Podcast” Parsec Award.

    The NanoMonkeys, which ran all through November of 2006, was a series of short tips and tricks to help NaNoWriMo participants write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. The series featured episodes from Mur Lafferty, Chris Miller, P.G. Holyfield and me.

    There’s a full list of categories and nominees at the Parsec site, but here’s the list of nominees for “Best Writing-related Podcast”, so you can see what we’re up against.

    • The NanoMonkeys. That’s us.
    • DragonHearth. Tracy and Laura Hickman. Between them, Tracy and Laura have authored or co-authored something in the neighborhood of 40 fantasy and science-fiction novels. That we’re on the same list with them simply blows my mind.
    • The Secrets Podcast for Writers. Michael A. Stackpole. Another name that makes me wonder how we could possibly be in the running for this award. Mike has written more than 35 novels, including several Star Wars novels that made The New York Times Bestsellers list.
    • I Should Be Writing. Mur Lafferty. Yes, Mur is nominated for two podcasts in the same category. She’s also got two of the three nominations in the “Best Speculative Fiction (Novella Form)” category and a nomination in the “Best Speculative Fiction (Short Form)” category. She’s been busy.
    • Whispers at the Edge. Phillippa Ballantine. New Zealand native Phillippa Ballantine is the author of Chasing the Bard, a tale of faeries in Elizabethan England, where only a young William Shakespeare can prevent the destruction of the World of the Fey.
  • Podcast: Planet RetCon Episode 29


    The first annual Parsec Awards—”a celebration of speculative fiction podcasts”—were presented at Dragon*Con this past weekend in Atlanta, GA and Planet RetCon was nominated for both short- and long-form audio drama. Though “The Hoff” was beaten out by The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd, the Planet RetCon series StarGate Café won the for long-form audio drama.

    I’ve been spreading congratulations around at The Harping Monkey and the Planet RetCon sites, but I wanted to do the same here, too. So congratulations again to Wesley Clifford (KJToo Forum frequenters know him as Yotto) and the Planet RetCon Players: Jamie Bartl, Lisa Clifford, Jeffrey Vargo and Bob (blob) Voegerl.

    If you head over to the Planet RetCon site, you’ll find the seventh episode of StarGate Café. In the aftermath of his birthday celebration, Pete (Jeffrey Vargo) finds himself in an awkward position with co-worker Katie (Jamie Bartl) and naked hilarity ensues. Featured guest voices in this episode: some dork from another podcast and Christiana Ellis, author of Nina Kimberly the Merciless, which is available from