Planet RetCon

  • Podcast: Volcanicast


    Volcanicast is the latest podcast from Planet RetCon Radio, and it ventures where none of the other RetCon shows have gone before: reality. Volcanicast is a round table discussion of all the search terms classified as “volcanic” by Google Hot Trends in the past week; everything from celebrity arrests to phallic bivalves.

    In the beginning, Volcanicast was hosted by Wesley & Bob, whose voices can also be heard on other fine Planet RetCon Radio productions, such as The Stargate Cafe and The Log of The Crimson Lein. Wesley was foolish enough to invite me to join in the current-eventy fun, so Episode 4 marks my first appearance.

    A word of caution: Volcanicast is intended for mature audiences, which is somewhat ironic given the relative immaturity of the hosts.

    Another word of caution: Although the topics discussed on Volcanicast are researched by the hosts before the show, the research is often half-assed at best. We may speak with an air of confidence and authority, but that’s usually just the booze talking.

  • Podcasts: Planet Retcon and 7th Son


    The Round Table’s hiatus will soon come to an end, so I thought I’d celebrate by pimping a couple of other podcasts I’ve been involved with during the break.

    First, Chris Miller and I did a promo for J.C. Hutchins’ 7th Son trilogy. The first book in the trilogy, Descent, was fantastic, and J.C. has been consistently rocking his listeners’ socks off with Book Two, Deceit. Since 7th Son feels like an action-thriller movie, Chris and I decided to give it the movie trailer treatment. A word of warning: our promo trailer contains some mild language.

    Second is the always awesome Planet Retcon Radio. I did a couple of guest bits for “StarGate Cafe” in season one, and Wesley Clifford asked me to be the regular announcer for the new show that premiered in season two, “The Log of the Crimson Lein”.

    And that’s it. We should be recording a new episode of The Round Table in a week or two, so there’s more podcast-y goodness on the way!

  • Podcast: Planet RetCon Episode 29


    The first annual Parsec Awards—”a celebration of speculative fiction podcasts”—were presented at Dragon*Con this past weekend in Atlanta, GA and Planet RetCon was nominated for both short- and long-form audio drama. Though “The Hoff” was beaten out by The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd, the Planet RetCon series StarGate Café won the for long-form audio drama.

    I’ve been spreading congratulations around at The Harping Monkey and the Planet RetCon sites, but I wanted to do the same here, too. So congratulations again to Wesley Clifford (KJToo Forum frequenters know him as Yotto) and the Planet RetCon Players: Jamie Bartl, Lisa Clifford, Jeffrey Vargo and Bob (blob) Voegerl.

    If you head over to the Planet RetCon site, you’ll find the seventh episode of StarGate Café. In the aftermath of his birthday celebration, Pete (Jeffrey Vargo) finds himself in an awkward position with co-worker Katie (Jamie Bartl) and naked hilarity ensues. Featured guest voices in this episode: some dork from another podcast and Christiana Ellis, author of Nina Kimberly the Merciless, which is available from

  • Podcast: Planet Retcon Episode 25


    Planet Retcon is a podcast featuring a mix of episodic and standalone science-fiction written and produced by Wesley “Yotto” Clifford. Every other week, a fresh, new episode is released, featuring Wesley and his stable (or perhaps harem) of voice actors. On the off weeks, listeners are treated to a short blooper reel from the previous week’s episode. The series longest-running feature is StarGate Cafe, which has been described as “Cheers meets that bar from Deep Space 9, but without the aliens.”Just now. By me.

    I missed out on a chance to play one of the main characters in StarGate Cafe due to my own dogged procrastination, but Wesley gave me an opportunity to be a guest voice in the most recent episode. If you’re not already subscribed to the Planet Retcon podcast, go to the site and grab the feed. If you are, then there’s a good chance that Episode 25 has already been caught by your podcatcher. Either way, give it a listen and bask in my geeky glory.