• It’s [cl/sl]obberin’ time!


    Fantastic Four (Xbox)Fantastic Four (Xbox)

    The new Fantastic Four Xbox game had two things going for it that the recently-released Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction game did not:

    1. It has a cooperative multiplayer mode.
    2. Blockbuster had it in stock last night.

    Miscellaneous G™ and I played for about two hours last night and it appears to be a decent game. There are some silly camera angle problems that developers (of any video game, really) should have been able to eliminate by now, and we ran into a couple of areas where characters became unexpectedly stuck or unable to move without falling to their death. Oh, and the voice acting is consistently dreadful throughout. Sometimes having the cast of the movie upon which your video game is based doing the voices for their characters isn’t necessarily a good thing, I guess. Still, the execution of the various powers works well and the game is about as entertaining as most other multiplayer co-op beat-’em-ups I’ve played. Whether the single player game will be up to par remains to be seen.

    On a mostly unrelated topic, it turns out that my wife is still a nerd. I know that there are one or two people on the planet who don’t frequent the forums at, so I’ll share her haiku triad here:

    Kris has hit the mark:
    His spawn is in my belly.
    (Pass the ginger ale.)

    What chance does it have?
    With our genes, (s)he’ll doubtless be
    Blind, blond(e), and nerdy.

    O, how life will change!
    Soon, no more sleeping til noon…
    And no more Xbox.

    Her dire predictions of an Xbox-less existence will not come to pass. They cannot come to pass! I’m going to buy one of those mini controllers for Baby Johnson. S/he’ll be playing Soul Caliber II before s/he’s off the teat!