• NaNoWriMo, Day 05: Confuzzled


    Let’s take a quick look at the numbers, shall we?

    Given an optimal daily output of 1,667, today’s target is 8,335. When the zero words I wrote today are added to the zero words I wrote yesterday and that number is added to my Wednesday-through-Friday total of 2,762 we see that I have made absolutely no progress since Friday, and I am 5,573 words off the pace.

    Thank you, Con on the Cob, for being a convenient excuse. Had I not attended, I would have had to conjure up some sort of lame reason that I didn’t get any writing done this weekend.

    One of the things I picked up at the con is a print of “Responsibility” by Nigel Sade. It’s a stylized version of the emblem Spider-Man bears on his chest. Sade has done similar works titled “Vengeance” (Batman), “Power” (Green Lantern) and “Justice” (Superman). If I’d had another thirty dollars in my wallet, I would have bought the “Vengeance” print as well. All four works can be seen at Studio de Sade. Click the image on the left for a much larger version of the graphic.

    I also bought Savage Worlds, a roleplaying game from Great White Games. The entire idea behind Savage Worlds is to make roleplaying “fast, furious and fun”. I’d probably classify the system as “rules-light”; the core rules are contained in a single 139-page book rather than spread out over separate weighty tomes for players and game masters. Leafing through the book, I see information on everything from orcs and elves to aerial dogfighting and car chases. I’m already imagining a crazy blend of Crimson Skies and The Road Warrior and I haven’t even read the chapter on Game Mastering yet.

    Captain America by RAK

    Last and least (in terms of size), I bought three of Robert A. Kraus‘ Superfreeks. These were available in several different sizes, but I opted for the $100 bill. Each Superfreek (I bought Captain America, Batman and Optimus Prime) replaces Benjamin Franklin’s head on the $100 bill, and each mock bill is signed by the artist. You may be wondering what wise old Ben Franklin ever did to deserve such treatment. Well I’ll tell you one thing he didn’t do: transform into a semi-truck.

    Tomorrow night, the gang is getting together to record the second half of The Round Table Season Two, Episode 5, which we had to postpone Friday night due to technical difficulties. Wasn’t I supposed to be writing a novel this month?