• Podcast: Volcanicast presents Tangentcast #1


    VolcanicastI’ve heard rumors that a bonus episode of Volcanicast has found its way onto these very Internets. The episode is comprised entirely of tangents, rare conversational digressions that we explored while discussing the most popular Google search terms of the past week.

    During post-production, our stalwart editor opted to omit these nuggets of off-topic banter in order to trim the show from its original recorded length of nearly three hours to just over two. Recognizing that relegating these tasty tidbits to the trash would constitute a terrible travesty—and perhaps just a little gun-shy about deleting audio after an unfortunate keystroke led to the recent destruction of an entire episode—said editor has assembled a bonus “Tangentcast” and released it for your listening pleasure.

    If you’re subscribed to the Volcanicast, your podcatcher has almost certainly ensnared this bonus episode and is patiently holding it for you. If you are not subscribed, you should add the feed to your favorite podcatcher and try not to salivate with anticipation during the download.

    If you are the type who shuns catchers of pod, you can either visit the Volcanicast site and listen with the embedded player or download the episode directly. The point is that we want to make listening to the show easy and enjoyable for everyone; we care that much.