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Con on the Cob 2008: Day 2 – Shaintar did NOT give me food poisoning.

Con on the CobI didn’t plan for Friday to be my shortest day at Con on the Cob, but a bunch of bacteria hit me with a vicious gut punch and my plans changed; instead of staying until the wee hours of Saturday morning, I was on the road home at 6:30pm.

Unfortunately, leaving early meant missing missing performances by The FuMP artists Positive Attitude, ((I’m linking to¬†MySpace now? I feel dirty.)) Power Salad ((Confession time: Kraftwerk owes Power Salad a debt of gratitude. The Power Salad song “WarCraftWorld“, a spoof of Kraftwerk’s “Computerworld”, is so well done that it gave me an intense craving for some old school electronica and I wound up buying Kraftwerk’s 1981 album, Computer World.)) and Worm Quartet. ((Hey, parents! Check out “C is for Lettuce” for some handy child-rearing tips.)) Fortunately, I was treated to a Dementia Circle hosted by Rob Balder the night before. ((In my head I refer to this as “An Intimate Evening with Rob Balder and Friends”.)) In attendance: the great Luke Ski, Chris Mezzolesta (at most half of Power Salad), Alchav (at least half of Soggy Potato Chips), several con attendees and a bottle of Coconut Jack.

Before my untimely departure, I managed to:

  1. Shaintar: Immortal Legends by Sean Patrick FannonPlay in Sean Patrick Fannon’s Shaintar: Immortal Legends game. The session, entitled “A Legend of Your Own”, was created on the fly using the Modular Adventure Creation System (M.A.C.S.), which defines essential elements of the upcoming story through a tarot-like card layout. Dispatched to a small southern mining town to investigate a potentially illegal local governance change, our party found the local populace under the watchful (and stern) eye of a mercenary band. After an intense battle involving a showdown between our ogre and their orc/ogre hybrid and the unexpected arrival and subsequent nullification of a warrior-mage, the party learned that the administrator of the silver mine had been abducted (along with his family) and were being transported to the nearest hive of scum and villainy. Horses and heroics followed, leading to a final showdown that extended the game beyond its alotted four-hour time slot, but ultimately resulted in free and grateful dwarves, a beaten and bruised party of adventurers and a slew of dead bad guys.
  2. Buy more dice. Yes. Because I needed them.
  3. Hear CRAP perform. Perhaps my irony sensor was on the fritz due to a headache and mounting stomach problems, but this did not rank as the highlight of my day.