• Vacation Complete


    Alas, our Memorial Day vacation has come to an end. Laura, Kyle and I have returned from Upper Michigan and are reluctantly resuming our normal, non-vacation activities. Photos and anecdotes (along with a review of X-Men: The Last Stand) to follow.

    One thing that I got out of this vacation is a serious case of digital camera envy, thanks to brothers Adam and Keven and Aunt Susie. Adam has a Panasonic TZ1, which is right up my alley. It’s small, fast, has a brilliant LCD screen and takes very nice photos (and Quicktime movies). Keven and Susie both have cameras (Canon and Nikon, respectively) that are a bit out of my price and skill ranges. Then again, they both make money taking photos, so their equipment is a bit beyond what Joe Snapshot and I use. Keven has lenses for his camera that rival the Hubble Telescope in size and can take pictures through walls.

    Just so you’re not left empty-handed, here’s a picture of my mother’s cat, Midgie, who decided that the lower deck of Kyle’s stroller looked pretty comfortable. As much as it may appear that Midgie is depositing a little something special for us, I assure you that is not the case. As is often the case with cats, Midgie realized just prior to the picture that she was doing something incredibly cute, so she decided to move. This picture was taken with my mother’s camera, which is an Olympus something-or-other. It’s a fine camera, but doesn’t make our HP PhotoSmart look like an Etch-a-Sketch quite the same way the Panasonic TZ1 does.