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  • Annual CSS Naked Day


    Today is the first annual CSS Naked Day, and if you’re viewing the site on 05 April, it’s going to look very… plain. The CSS, or Cascading Style Sheet, is what makes the site pretty and keeps everything where it’s supposed to be. Everything from colors to font styles and sizes to how lists are handled is accomplished through CSS, and today I’ve disabled CSS on the site. Well, on the blog. I didn’t mess with the forum or the photo gallery because, quite frankly, doing so would involve some serious effort on my part. I’m nowhere near as familiar with the inner workings of SMF (the forum software) or Coppermine (the photo gallery software) as I am with WordPress (the blog software).

    Maybe someday I’ll replace everything with a true CMS and I’ll be able to turn off CSS for everything with ease. Until someone designs a CMS that does everything I want it to and does it elegantly, though, I’m sticking with separate applications to handle the separate functions.

    Anyway, enjoy (or despise) CSS Naked Day. Tomorrow, everything will be back to what passes for normal around here.