Witch Trial

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    There was no Game Night scheduled for yesterday, but Miscellaneous G™ has an open invitation to crash at the International House of Johnson in the event of inclement weather. Northeast Ohio has gotten a fair amount of snow in the past twenty-four hoursBy “fair amount” I mean that I’ve shoveled and/or snowblown (is that a word?) my driveway three times since 7:00 last night. There was easily ten inches of snow in the unplowed cul-de-sac when I maneuvered the MVoD out of the driveway this morning, and the drift on the west side of Laura’s car was easily two and a half feet deep. and local meteorologists, law-enforcement officials and omphaloskeptics have been advising that we drive as little as possible, so we determined an impromptu Game Night was in order.

    We played Witch Trial from Cheapass Games, a game in which each player is an attorney prosecuting or defending suspects charged with crimes ranging from Showing Ankle in Public to Frowning to The Ol’ Hokus-Pokus. The game was a lot of fun and Miscellaneous G™ proved to be quite the bombastic (if not entirely competent or especially ethical) litigator, collecting $635 in legal fees thanks to his showboating in front of the jury. Despite bribing the judge on multiple occasions, I was only able to collect $550. Laura wasn’t quite able to channel the spirit of Jack McCoy and ended the game with a meager $350; I believe that a Law & Order marathon will help prepare her for a rematch.